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Do you require assistance with the upkeep of your sewer line? Please contact us!

Did you know that the sewer lines that connect your sewer to the city’s main line are your responsibility as a homeowner? Some homeowners are unaware that they are responsible for this. It can be a shock to learn that your sewer has to be fixed or replaced, but the good news is that we are here to help!

Midwest Plumbing will help you keep your sewer in good working order at a reasonable price. We can repair your sewer line before it becomes a serious issue for you or the environment. Our staff may also do a routine sewer inspection to avoid serious damage to your pipes, which could result in floods and groundwater contamination.

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Sewer Problems: Detection

It may be time to get your sewer fixed or replaced if you have water backing up in your basement, or if your drains are gurgling or running slowly with strange smells emanating from them.

Damage to your sewer can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Roots of trees
  • Soil shifting
  • Ground that is frozen
  • Grease accumulation
  • Blockages
  • Age-related wear and tear
  • Pipe seals that have failed

The only way to know if your sewer needs to be repaired or replaced is to have a professional plumber inspect it. Sewer cameras are used by our sewer repair professionals to obtain a better look at the condition of your sewer. Only after a thorough examination of your sewer can we provide recommendations for repair or replacement.

What Does it Cost to Repair a Sewer?

Repairing a sewer line is a difficult task. Because the sewer main line is completely underground, the only way to get to it is to dig up your yard. To reach your sewer main, our skilled plumbers may need to employ heavy machinery such as a backhoe. We’ll also need to get a permit from the city during this time. All of these items can surely add up to a large sum of money.

Midwest Plumbing provides sewer repair at a reasonable price. We also make certain that our charges are clear before beginning the repair. We understand that getting your sewer repair fixed is more vital than generating a profit.

Consider a Clean-Out for Sewer Maintenance.

A clean-out is a hole in your sewer line that allows you to snake it out and clear it of any roots or debris. Our plumbers advocate a clean-out installation to avoid more problems and make future sewer maintenance easier. Because roots are one of the most common causes of sewer line damage, it’s a good line to have your clean-out snaked on a regular basis to prevent root growth. By investing in a clean-out installation, you will be doing yourself a great favor in terms of preventing potentially dangerous root growth inside clay sewer pipes.

Sewer lines serve a single purpose: to transport wastewater from a home or facility. When a sewer pipe breaks, it may be a major headache for homeowners and business owners. It doesn’t have to be that way with Midwest Plumbing. We’ve been delivering quality sewer line services throughout the Indianapolis area for almost two decades.


Both residential and business properties can benefit from our sewer services. We’ve gained the abilities needed to take on sewer line repair projects of any scale as a result of our extensive experience. Your plumbing system will be restored to top-notch shape in no time with our economical and timely service.


Our crew gets the work done perfectly the first time thanks to our cutting-edge equipment. Without having to dig up the yard or driveway, we use a waterproof video camera to locate the problem. We can also limit the excavation effort to a minimum with this equipment. This enables us to complete the repair work and clean the site as quickly as possible, allowing you to use your sinks and toilets without fear of a backup.


Wastewater might back up in your plumbing fixtures or flood out into your yard if your system is compromised. Keep an eye out for these indicators of a broken sewer line so you can call us right away for help:

  • A distinct odor. Give us a call as soon as you smell sewage (a rotten egg-like odor) in your lawn, basement, or anyplace else in your home or business. The source of the odor could be your sanitary sewer , which requires immediate repair.
  • Pipes make a gurgling noise. It’s never a good sign if you hear a peculiar, gurgling noise coming from the toilet or the bathtub drain after you’ve taken a bath. Your sewer line is most likely clogged, and a plunger may not be enough to clear it. Immediately contact a plumber.
  • A flooded yard. Water gathering in the yard for no apparent reason could indicate a sewage leak. Take note of where the puddles are forming; this may help us figure out where the leak is coming from.
  • Pest infestation along the sewer line. Don’t ignore a sudden outbreak of rodents, cockroaches, or other pests in your yard or near sewer pipes. A sewage pipe break is most likely attracting the incorrect kind of visitors to your location.
  • Inconsistent water level in the toilet bowl. The toilet bowl has plenty of water one day and then has almost none the next. It could indicate a clog in your sewer system, which should be remedied as soon as possible to avoid a costly backup.

Have you observed any of these warning signs? Don’t put off calling a professional plumber for too long. Please contact us right away.


Our professionals are completely prepared and skilled to execute sewer line repairs across Indianapolis, with over 20 years of training and experience. We provide a wide range of home and business plumbing services in the area, including:

  • Pipe relining — This is a low-cost method of repairing pipes. Instead of digging, rebuilding, and destroying your yard, pipe relining simply replacing the broken pipe with a specific resin. Our technicians will insert a resin-soaked felt tube into the damaged pipe, allowing the resin to cure and construct a new, sturdy pipe within it.
  • Burst Pipe Hydraulic Replacement – This is similar to pipe relining in that it does not require digging and replacement. Instead, our specialists employ a bursting instrument, which causes the current pipeline to “burst” and break. In a home or commercial sewer, a new pipeline is quickly hauled in and fills the void left by the old, ruptured pipe. The old pipe is frequently replaced with a similar or larger pipe using this method of repair.
  • Sewer Line Replacement – In some circumstances, the damage is so severe that traditional pipe relining and replacement are insufficient. A sewer line replacement is far more cost-effective, and it assures that your entire sewer line is running properly. Before we start working, we conduct high-quality video inspections and other assessments, map out the replacement, and notify you of our whole plan.
  • Pipe Maintenance — Midwest Plumbing offers pipe maintenance to guarantee that your sewer line is in good working order. Problems are detected by us.


Here are several indicators that sewer line repair in Indianapolis or the neighboring areas may be required:

  1. Clogged Pipes: From backed-up toilets to non-biodegradable things not going down the drain, clogged pipes can indicate a sewer main problem. Clogged pipes can also be indicated by gurgling sounds emanating from the toilet.
  2. Flooding in the Neighborhood: Wastewater should be disposed of in the ground, away from your home. You may have a broken sewer or clogged sewer line if you see or feel wastewater flooding in the soil surrounding your home or on the street.
  3. Consistently Blocked Drains: A blockage every now and then isn’t a huge concern. However, if you have a clog on a regular basis, there’s a good chance something else is wrong.
  4. Increased Water and Sewer Bills: Keeping track of your average water and sewer bill might help you spot a surge. If your water or sewer costs suddenly increase, there’s a good chance you have a broken sewer main.

If any of the scenarios above apply to you and you require sewer line repair in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas, you should contact a plumber. A video camera will be sent through the sewer pipe by licensed plumbers to inspect and detect any sewer line issues. The camera is used to visualize the issue and pinpoint the exact location of the pipe damage. This will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to replace the entire sewer line.


Excavation Repair

Because your home’s sewer line is located on the external perimeter, the repair will need digging up your yard. When a problem is discovered, a sewer pipe repair will be carried out once the pipe has been exposed by digging into the ground. To get to the exact position of the broken pipe, you may need to dig through your landscape, patio, driveway, or lawn. Excavation necessitates the use of specialized equipment and workers, and it will add to the overall cost of your sewer pipe job.

Repair Without Excavation – Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

There are times when excavation isn’t necessary. When replacing a functioning pipe into your existing sewer main, sewer line repair below the surface can be done without excavation.

Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) and trenchless sewer repairs are examples of non-excavation repairs. Trenchless CIPP is a method of inserting an epoxy pipe into your sewer system existing line without having to dig a trench. This pipe clears as it is placed and then remains in place even if the pipe is fractured. It’s extremely similar to trenchless pipe bursting. A pneumatic or hydraulic head is dragged through the sewer pipes in your home. Along the route, a new pipe is inserted.


Check out the sewer camera inspection services we offer.



How often should you clean out your sewer line?

The length of time between each professional sewer cleaning depends on several factors, with the most common factor being the amount of root infiltration in the pipeline. The more aggressive the root growth, the more often you’ll need to have the sewer pipe cleaned to prevent sewer backups. Other factors include the condition of the sewer pipeline. Are there any damaged sections, including offset pipes, holes or large cracks? Sewer pipes can also clog if you pour grease down the kitchen drains, flush wet wipes, paper towels or other items that don’t quickly disintegrate in water.  For households with any of the above issues, we typically recommends cleaning your main line every year.

What are the warning signs that my main sewer line is backing up?

There are a few of warning signs that your main sewer line is clogging. Pay attention and deal with the problem before the sewer clogs completely and backs up into the house. (1) Slow draining sinks and bathtubs. If you have two or more slow drains in the house, the problem is probably in the main sewer. (2) A gurgling sound when you flush the toilet (3) water comes up in the basement floor drain or a first-floor bathtub/shower when the toilet is flushed (4) There is a constant need to plunge toilets. (5) sewer smell coming from drains.

What do professional plumbers use to unclog drains?

To clear the sewer line of roots and debris, a professional cleaning is required. These electric drain and sewer cleaning machines have a strong, stiff steel cable with a sharp blade on its tip. The cable spins as it travels through the sewer pipe, so it cuts away obstructions. It will even shave roots right down to the pipe walls to restore full flow in your sewer pipe. If can’t get through the pipe, your service technician can request a video camera inspection of the sewer pipeline to ascertain where the blockage is and its cause. A trained eye will then be able to recommend repair options to the homeowner.

Do I need a video camera line inspection?

Video camera line inspections can get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently. If you experience repeated sewer or drain line backups, slow drains or frequent toilet clogs, it may be a good idea to have a video inspection performed to determine the underlining problem. The video cameras are built into a stiff cord or snake that is connected to a video monitor. The operator pushes the camera snake through the pipeline, and since the camera head is ringed with bright LED lights, the pipeline is completely illuminated to expose obstructions, cracks and structural damage in the pipe. Video inspections are also recommended to prospective homeowners before buying a new home. After all, the cost of sewer replacement can be many thousands of dollars.

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