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Are Tankless Water Heaters a good choice? Some drawbacks?

If you’re thinking of this that means you’re probably thinking about tankless water heaters from as a alternative to your current one. If this is your first time that you’ve ever considered an electric tank water heater we can understand why you’ve lots of questions. You may also have some doubt. Many installers discuss the advantages of using the tankless heater. We definitely are one of them.

Any reputable plumbing expert will advise the homeowner that using a tankless heater isn’t the best choice for each home and circumstance. In some cases, the correct storage tank water heater can perform admirably to serve a family.

Tankless water heaters have many disadvantages which can impact your decision to purchase one. Certain of them won’t be applicable to your home, but their benefits are far greater than the disadvantages. It is important to work with our experts to assist you choose the best option so you can get the ideal water heater for your house.

The cost

The reason is that tankless water heaters can be higher priced than traditional water heaters for storage tanks. Due to their energy effectiveness and long service life tanks are able to pay for their costs within a short period of time. The initial cost could not meet the budget you have set. Ask our techs on the potential savings in the future as well as your options.

Performance concerns for larger houses

Tankless water heaters are most suitable for small or medium-sized homes. It is due to the fact that, while they will not have to worry about running empty of hot water but they could overloaded if several hot water faucets are running simultaneously. If your home has several showers that are running during the daytime or you have a number of hot water appliances that have to run at the same time, this could reduce a tankless water heater’s effectiveness. Another option is installing multiple tankless water heater in larger homes, however it also impacts the budget.

Concerns about hard water

If your home is characterized by the property has hard water it can cause a negative impact on the tankless heater. The general rule is that hard water can be harmful to all kinds of water heater. However, even the smallest quantity of mineral deposits within the tankless heater can affect the flow of water. If you live in a home with hard water, but don’t possess a softener for their water in them, it might be required to install a softener in conjunction with the tankless heater.

Slower hot water delivery

Storage tank water heater is an inflow of hot water waiting to be delivered to taps. A tankless water heater has to warm up the water once the taps are turned on. There is generally a long delay between the moment that the tap is turned on until the water has reached the desired temperature.

Variations in temperature

The temperature of water coming from a tankless heater is more volatile than that the water heaters that are stored in tanks. It is possible to feel an initial flood of hot water but then it will lose its temperature before it quickly gets hot once more. The majority of people get familiar with this, however it’s technically an issue.

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