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Whole Home Water Softening and Conditioning Systems

Indiana Water Is Tough On plumbing

Did you know that hard water may affect the longevity of plumbing equipment and fixtures up to 50 percent? The classification of hard water is usually determined in terms of the magnesium and calcium found in the water. It is expressed in terms of the form of PPM (Parts Per Million) or GPG (Grains Per Gallon). For a better understanding of PPM it is estimated by one can say that the City of Indianapolis says that 1 drop of soap for bubble baths in a large tub (about 50 gallon) equals about 1 PPM. It is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets standards for drinking water that are classified into two types that are primary Standards as well as Secondary Standards. Primary Standards focus on concerns for health and secondary Standards are determined by aesthetic considerations, such as the taste, odor and color or corrosion. There’s neither a Primary nor a Secondary standards for the quality of water. Actually, the National Research Council (National Academy of Sciences) says that hard drinking water is generally a minor amount to the total magnesium and calcium humans’ dietary requirements (National Research Council Drinking Water and Health Volume 3 National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. 1980) While calcium and magnesium are beneficial for your organism, they’re not the best for the health of your plumbing appliances and fixtures. The deposits and film visible on the appliance and fixtures are made of minerals which are left behind after the water evaporates. Water residue that is hard is difficult to get rid of and could accumulate. It can build up in and around the fixture. Even though what you can see on the outside may be unattractive, the harm that occurs in the interior is much more serious.

What is the solution to the Hard Water?

There are a variety of ways to combat the negative effects of hard water, but there are only the most effective methods to convert hard water into soft water. Reverse Osmosis can remove most substances from the water. The result is “soft drinking water”. The disadvantages of reverse osmosis can be a huge waste of water, high-cost equipment and production process takes a long time.

Reverse Osmosis usually isn’t exactly what we think of as soft water however. The majority of people think of soft water as the oily or slippery feeling that they experience after taking the shower or bath. This isn’t due to the soft water. It’s due to the way that magnesium and calcium Ions exchange in the Ion exchange to soften the water. If Potassium or salt is introduced to water in a particular manner, they substitute the minerals that make water very hard. Some disadvantages of softening water in this manner are increased sodium levels in the water. Other chemical compounds such as chlorine and cloromides not removed from water and maintenance of these systems could be cost-intensive.

The World Health Organization says the minerals present in hard water are healthy. In actual it is estimated that the amount of magnesium and calcium present in Indianapolis water could be approximately 20% of the daily requirement for a healthy male if they drink just six glasses of water daily. Bottled water typically is Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, which is not enriched with minerals, and has none of the health benefits you can get if aren’t eating a healthy eating plan. There are some variations as well “Smart Water”(tm) as well as “Fiji Water”(tm) can be only two that pop into my the forefront as I’m writing this.

How does a Midwest Plumbing Handle Hard Water?

Nature is believed to have the most beneficial mixture of minerals to nourish our bodies. It is also our belief that this mixture doesn’t always work when we have modern amenities like water heaters, dishwashers as well as kitchen sinks! We searched for hundreds of promising new products that claim they would eliminate the issue from hard-water scale as well as damage before settling on the ones we’re comfortable with using in our clients home. There are a myriad of products that claim to be able to override the laws of physics. Certain products are logical, but they don’t apply in actual situations where water can be stored in tanks or move 25 feet towards the point of exit. Certain are inexpensive, while others cost a lot. Our experience has shown us that the two choices we chose are appealing to our customers and provide excellent value for money. They do exactly the things they say they will accomplish, so we are able to support them by offering money-back guarantees!

Nuvo H2O(r)(tm)

chelationOur first-level system is known as Nuvo(r)(tm). This conditioner makes use of a technique known as chelation for addressing problems with hard water. Chelation is the process of binding and stabilization of calcium and magnesium in the hard water. This is my attempt at best to convey the non-scientific meaning of what this signifies. The moment the water comes into contact with the agent that chelates (the Nuvo H2O(r)(tm) product makes use of citric acid as a catalyst) The mineral ions “attract” to the citric acid, and create an elongated “ring”. After this it is possible for the minerals to “cling” to your plumbing fixtures and pipes , forming scale. Furthermore, as this process reduces the alkalinity of water, it also has additional benefits of getting rid of the scale that is already present over an extended period. Citric acid can be found in a variety of natural fruits and has been accepted for use by FDA. While the science behind it is solid, we do not have real-time scientific tests on this product. We are able to offer Nuvo(r)(tm) complete 90-day money back guarantee and all of our customers have enjoyed their experience very much by the quality of the item.

Pelican Water Systems(r)(tm)

product_saltfreesoftener4_295x306Our most advanced water conditioning product is produced from Enviro Water Solutions, Inc. Their method involves patent-pending media that basically melts the molecules of hardness in water, and prevents their adhesion to the surfaces. This not only stops it from adhering to devices and fixtures, it also helps remove the existing deposits. The best part about this device is that it does not have the burden requirement to replace the filters or media. The system does not use energy, it does not require to recycle and dispose of water, doesn’t harm the environment and it is maintenance-free. The Natursoft(r)(tm) item actually comes with independently-tested scientific data that shows that it performs exactly as the manufacturer claims it can do. The product also comes with a life-time guarantee on the tank as well as the media. We are so confident about this product we offer The Midwest Plumbing offers the Natursoft(r)(tm) with a two year guarantee of 100% satisfaction or a money-back assurance. For more information about this NaturSoft(r)(tm) product, you may go to their website