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The Truth About Seven Common Plumbing Myths

It is possible that you have been fooled by certain myths when you were a child, such as throwing ice cubes in the drain or wearing pajamas in the winter will guarantee an icy storm. As time passed, you could be able to dispel the myths of your childhood, however there could be some misconceptions regarding the plumbing in your house. plumbing which you continue to consider to be truthful.

Here’s some tips to get the facts right on seven plumbing misconceptions you’ve been told.

1. Ice Cubes Are Great for Sharpening Your Garbage Disposal Blades

False. Ice cubes can aid in removing food particles stuck on your waste disposal’s blades however, they will not make the blades more sharp.

2. Flushable Wipes live up to the claim

False. Although they are advertised as flush-safe, the flushable wipes could result in massive plumbing backups in the system.

Contrary to conventional toilet paper the wipes won’t degrade within the system. They can cause the possibility of a plumbing problem.

3. The Bricks in Your Toilet Can help you save money.

False. Let’s keep the bricks in your foundation or to the walkway.

Bricks that abut the rear of your toilet and damage the insides of the toilet which can cause water leaks. Additional flushing or leaks can increase the cost of water.

4. A Water Heater Explodes When They Reverberate

True. Your water heater may make various sounds which signal the accumulation of sediments or other problems with your water heater. In most instances, it isn’t a sign that your water heater might be poised to explode. But it might be a signal that the heater requires repairs.

Get a professional plumber on the phone to look over your water heater to determine the reason for the loud rumbling. It is possible to prolong the life of the water heater you have by carrying out periodic maintenance.

5. You’re safe to take Showers or baths during the time of a Lightning Storm

False. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise not bathing or showering during the time of a lightning storm. Although it is not common, it is possible that lightning strikes the plumbing.

6. The hot water running down your Garbage Disposal Breaks Grease

False. While hot water can help to break down grease, when it gets into the cold pipes further into the plumbing system, it’ll become solid.

The grease build-up is now an obstruction that draws different things that are coming through the drain, and that’s the reason you should never put grease in your sink.

7. Liquid Drain Cleaners Clear Clogs Safely

True. Many liquid drain cleaners employ abrasive or strong chemical that can help clear the obstruction, but they can also harm your pipes.

There are numerous natural solutions for clearing clogs. However we suggest calling a plumbing professional to clear stubborn ones. If clogs aren’t cleared, they may be the sign of bigger plumbing difficulties.

Rely on Midwest Plumbing for Plumbing Repairs that Are Effective

The parents of your childhood might have employed certain fables in order to help keep you away from the pool or close enough to the television But following the rules from a number of plumbing myths could result in damage to your house’s plumbing system.

Find out plumbing repairs from professionals. Midwest Plumbing, our skilled technicians have many years of knowledge and expertise that is not just myths and fables in order to ensure the plumbing installation is working.

Reach us at any of our locations or call us to request a scheduled appointment.