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Are bath bombs bad for your plumbing?

Are bath bombs bad for your plumbing?

Bath bombs are a relaxing and fun way to spice up your bath. However, could they be causing damage to your plumbing?

Bath bombs are something that you most likely know if you or someone you love regularly uses baths. Bath bombs were a new trend a few years back. They are now a common part of the bath routine in many homes all over the globe.

Bath bombs are bathwater infused with oils and fragrances to create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. However, could bath bombs cause damage to your plumbing? We’ll show you what bath bombs contain and how they can harm your pipes.

What is in a Bath Bomb?

A bath bomb typically contains three ingredients: corn starch, citric acid, and baking soda. This combination causes the water to foam up and creates a chemical reaction.

All bath bombs have the same basic ingredients, but there are many variations with different additives. Some contain perfumes or scented oils. Some are infused with dyes and glitter, which can change the color of your bathtub water.

Are Bath Bombs a Threat to Your Pipes?

Your pipes won’t be damaged by the main ingredients of a bath bomb. You can put baking soda, citric acid, and corn starch down your drain. They are safe for the skin and won’t cause any structural damage to your pipes. You probably handle worse things every single day at your kitchen sink.

Bath bombs by themselves are quite harmless. However, adding oil and glitter to drains that have already been clogged with shampoo residue and human hair is a recipe of disaster.

Enoch Heise is a Legacy Plumbing licensed journeyman plumber. This is further exacerbated by the fact that any substances that aren’t dissolvable (like glitter), only make it worse.

How to safely use bath bombs

To prevent clogs buildup, it is important to regularly clean your drains with vinegar and hot water. Avoid bath bombs that contain glitter or other unneeded additives. While a bath with glitter might be entertaining, it is not necessary and can cause plumbing problems.

You can enjoy bath bombs without worrying about clogging. Wrap them in nylon and then put them in the tub. To prevent any leftover or chunky residue from going down the drain, wrap them in nylon tights or dress socks.

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