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Toilet Repair and Installations

Everybody would like to avoid toilet issues, although problems do arise from time to time. Toilet breaks and malfunctioning parts render the toilet useless, which causes problems for home members and guests. A flush repair must be done right away to maintain your bathroom functional for everyone in the home.

This affects the toilet parts, like sewer backups, a running toilet, a leaky toilet tank, or an overflowing toilet bowl. Fill valve, flush valve, flapper, wax ring, and other toilet parts can all be damaged over time and require repair.

Don’t let toilet problems ruin your facilities or create water damage to your floors. Call Midwest Plumbing if you have issues with your toilet. To prevent unnecessary complications, our team of licensed plumbers may replace parts and even install new toilets as needed.

For toilet repairs in your Central Indiana area home, call Midwest Plumbing for service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your toilet springs a leak after hours.

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Toilet repair in central Indiana

A broken toilet affects the entire home. The best problem to eliminate the annoyance is to hire a plumber.  Midwest Plumbing can help. Our plumbers inspect your fixtures to detect the problem, then set to work installing new or excellent replacement parts to restore your bathrooms.

Common toilet repair repairs and replacements

New parts or a new fixture may be necessary to fix toilet difficulties. Most common toilet problems plumbers deal with include:

Loose Toilet Base

Wax surrounding the base of the toilet suggests the wax ring at the base is likely damaged and must be replaced. Water leaks out of a wax ring cracked, causing a squishing sound when someone sits on the toilet. Please repair this issue to prevent water damage to the floor.

Running Toilet

Some valves are supposed to add water after flushing, but if they malfunction, they could continue to add water, which finally pours into the overflow tube. A fractured flapper allows water to flow out of the tank, making the fill valves continue to work. Sounds like the toilet flushes by itself with no effort from anyone. You need to get the toilet fixed right away if it is leaking.

Eliminate, or eliminate as quickly as possible, problems with the flush.

Toilet problems might flush for numerous reasons. In case you can’t flush the toilet, you may be able to remedy this issue by linking the chain of the flush valve to the flapper. When there are clogs in the drain line of the toilet, drain cleaning is needed to clean them out. Replacing a broken toilet can sometimes fix problems with incomplete flushing.

New Toilet Installations

Many older toilet models use significantly more water than necessary with each flush! For every flush, 7 liters of water were used to build the toilet. Today, new toilet types must use at least a specific amount of water. Even the most efficient kinds of toilets consume no more than 1.28 gallons per flush.

Central Indiana homes could see huge savings on their water utility bills by replacing old, inefficient toilets. An older, pre-1980s toilet consumes approximately 12,000 gallons of water every year, assuming it is flushed five times daily. A 1.28-gallon toilet uses 2,000 gallons of water each year when utilized the same amount. Upgrading a toilet can save 10,000 gallons of water annually!

Toilet repair/ Flush Valve / Fill Valve Issues

Midwest Plumbing’s team of licensed plumbing technicians can help you install state-of-the-art toilet models in your bathrooms. This update helps homeowners reduce water consumption, as well as water utility expenses. There are several shapes, profiles, and colors to choose from, so you can find a new toilet that’s both aesthetically pleasing and effective in conserving water.

While repairs aren’t necessarily pleasurable, there are several possibilities, including a clog, a leak, or a toilet that simply will not flush.

Should your toilet be plunged frequently? Do you hear running water after each flush? Is your toilet old or does it not flush? To find the cause of the problem, get in touch with our reliable toilet repair service.

Most toilet issues are due to three main problems that are difficult to overcome:

  • Leaking from supply line pipes on the base.
  • When you flush, the toilet keeps running.
  • The toilet flushes or won’t flush altogether.

Toilet Repair and/or toilet installation

Your toilet is essential to your household’s day-to-day functioning. Because of this, when your Indianapolis-area house has a toilet problem, you must act quickly to fix it. For a moment, trust your toilet repairs, replacement, or installation to a professional plumbing firm.

Ignoring toilet issues can handle to flooding, backups, and fixture damage. A simple repair or replacement is almost always less expensive than dealing with water-damaged flooring and drywall, a new toilet, and correcting sewage leaks. No matter if it is a small clog, a running toilet, or a serious backlog, call Midwest Plumbing.

For 24/7 emergency toilet help, contact Midwest Plumbing

When flush the toilet is not an option

An Indianapolis homeowner has the most aggravation when a toilet won’t flush properly. Flushing troubles or obstructions could lead to overflowing, floods, and water damage. Do not attempt to fix your toilet on your own as our professionals are available 24/7 to address any issues:

  • sewer backups
  • Toilet leaks
  • constant flushing
  • flushes.
  • Leaky flush valves
  • Bad toilet flange
  • gasket failure

Do you see any problems with your toilet tank?

Luckily for our Indianapolis-area clients, toilet issues commonly manifest before a disastrous flood or blockage happens. Look for these indicators if you feel your toilet is old or malfunctioning:

  • repeated small blockages resolving quickly
  • Running/jogging/hobbling
  • Or partial flushing flushing concerns
  • (groans, splashing, bubbles, etc.)
  • Rust in the water or toilet parts
  • Minor leaks
  • Loose or stuck-out handle
  • Toilet repair and installation

A toilet isn’t always broken. While water quality, water pressure, and materials quality are important in determining a toilet’s lifespan, time does indeed contribute to the toilet’s vulnerability. When your toilet’s lifespan has expired or it suffers major damage that cannot be fixed, the specialists at Midwest Plumbing can help you choose a new toilet that matches the design of your bathroom and provides a solution to your problems.

You’ll have new toilet installation due to a remodel, a new house build, or to replace a dysfunctional toilet, regardless of the cause. Our professionals will make sure your new toilet is on a level surface and all necessary connections are made prior to installation. The finished product is a well-functioning bathroom for your family.

Find your plumbing service in Indianapolis with Midwest Plumbing.

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Will Midwest Plumbing unclog toilets?

Yes, Midwest Plumbing is highly skilled at unclogging all types of drains, including toilets and toilet stack drains.

What do you do if my toilet is constantly running?

Replacing the flapper valve will usually prevent a toilet from running.

How do you stop a leaking toilet?

There are many reasons why a toilet can leak as well as a few different ways they leak. The most common type of toilet leak is “a running toilet,” which is when water leaks from the tank’s flush valve into the bowl. The cause is usually associated with the flapper valve, a pliable rubber valve that is connected by chain to the flush handle. Over time, the soft rubber of the flapper valve will become firm and it might even warp. This prevents the flapper from making a good seal against the flush valve seat, allowing water to leak into the bowl. It’s usually a simple fix to replace the flapper valve if you buy a matching replacement. Simply turn off the water supply beneath the toilet. Next, remove the old flapper from the connection pins on the flush valve then disconnect it from the flush handle chain. Put the new one on in its place, making the same connections at the flush valve and chain. Turn on the water supply valve and do a test flush or two.

Why is my toilet leaking at the base?

If your toilet is leaking at its base, you may have a bad wax ring seal. You may also have a partially clogged toilet drain stack that is allowing water to collect beneath the toilet. A professional cleaning may be required to rid the drain stack of a clog. Since the toilet must be pulled up to do a professional cleaning, the wax ring will need to be replaced anyway.

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