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Garbage disposal installation and repairs

Midwest Plumbing can install your garbage disposal and ensure it has the necessary GFCI outlet and wiring. Our professional plumbers are equipped to install nearly all makes and models of garbage disposals. We will reconfigure your existing plumbing to accommodate the new disposal, if necessary. Midwest Plumbing’s plumbers always deliver outstanding service and workmanship. Midwest Plumbing can repair your garbage disposal and restore your kitchen to normal.

If you have a clogged garbage disposal, turn to the Experts you can trust at Midwest Plumber to find the problem and recommend the best options to you for you needs. The company’s licensed experts will answer all of your questions so you can make an informed decision. Garbage disposal maintenance is quite simple, and most problems can be avoided. Never grind anything that is not a food item. Turn the cold water all the way on when using your garbage disposal.

Borax can be used to help eliminate odor-causing mold and mildew. If your garbage disposal stops working or starts making loud noises, get it checked out. Many disposal problems are minor and can be repaired easily and quickly. Your disposal may just need a simple repair if the blades are loose or broken. You may need a new unit if the disposal has a larger issue like a motor that has burned out.

If your garbage disposal stops working, you should check under the sink to see if it’s plugged in. Don’t put fibrous or stringy fruits and vegetables down the disposal, potato peels, grease, egg shells, coffee grounds, animal bones, and nuts / shells. If the power goes out, try resetting the circuit breaker that leads to the kitchen or replacing a fuse.

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Installation of a Garbage Disposal System

Trying to figure out whether you should replace a broken garbage disposal or put a new one on an existing sink? Midwest Plumbing® Plumbing can install your trash disposal and make certain that it is equipped with the essential GFCI outlet and wiring to function properly. We get it right the first time, so there are no leaks or surprises later.

Installation of a Garbage Disposal Repair Cost

The cost of installing a garbage disposal varies depending on the model. If so, is the sink’s flange capable of accepting a garbage disposal? Is there an electrical outlet or wire close by? The answers to these and other questions will be used to determine the ultimate cost of the installation. Midwest Plumbing will be pleased to come to your home and examine your existing plumbing and provide you with a written estimate.

Installation of New Garbage Disposal Systems

Our skilled plumbers are well-versed in the installation of garbage disposals of practically all makes and models. Additionally, if necessary, we will adjust your current plumbing to accommodate the new disposal system. Furthermore, with Midwest Plumbing, you won’t have to worry about leaking pipes or water damage in your home. Our plumbers are friendly, experienced professionals who are committed to providing consistently excellent service and craftsmanship.

Repairing a Garbage Disposal

Cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen is a breeze with a garbage disposal. Operating under difficult working conditions will eventually necessitate the need for maintenance or repair on your garbage disposal. And it’s only until it stops working that you understand how useful this small but mighty appliance actually is. But don’t be concerned; Midwest Plumbing® Plumbing is on hand to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garbage Disposal

  • The disposal does not grind properly, although the engine continues to run.
  • Grinder noises are noticeably louder than they normally are on food waste.
  • Even if the disposal starts to run, it shuts down before you can turn it off.
  • There are leaks beneath the sink drain opening.
  • There is no drainage of water.

The first thing to check if your garbage disposal has suddenly stopped operating is whether the circuit breaker in your circuit panel has tripped or not. On the disposal itself, there may additionally be a separate circuit breaker—usually represented by a red “reset” button. If resetting the circuit breaker solves the problem, you’re out of trouble! If, on the other hand, your garbage disposal continues to trip the breaker, it is likely that there is a short in the wiring, and it is time to call a professional.

Tips for Proper Garbage Disposal Unit Usage

  • Use caution while disposing of potato peels, eggshells, fish skins, significant quantities of grease, or coffee grounds in your garbage disposal. •
  • Keep your waste disposal smelling fresh by grinding lemon halves or lemon juice with ice cubes on a regular basis.
  • Try treating your disposal once a month with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove buildup and hazardous bacteria from the disposal. Combine 12 cup vinegar and 12 cup baking soda in a mixing bowl, then pour the mixture into the garbage disposal while it is turned off. Allow it to sit until the frothing subsides. Drain the water after rinsing it.

Alternatively, if your garbage disposal leaks  is beyond repair, Midwest Plumbing can install a replacement garbage disposal under the sink drain for grinding food waste.

Local Garbage Disposal Replacement Repair Services

Whether your trash disposal shuts down on its own or creates an unsettling grinding noise, you can rely on Midwest Plumbing to provide professional garbage disposal repair and garbage disposal installation in the Chicagoland region. Garbage disposals can be difficult to service and repair. Midwest Plumbing is a team of licensed professionals who can repair your garbage disposal and return your kitchen to normal operation.

Waste Disposal Repair and Maintenance

Most Garbage disposals are a must-have when it comes to saving time, minimizing waste, and streamlining your post-dinner kitchen cleanup procedure. They are also environmentally friendly. Having a garbage disposal in your home is unquestionably one of the most convenient appliances you can have, and when one breaks down, it soon becomes apparent just how important garbage disposals are in our regular lives and how much we take them for granted.

One of the most typical causes of garbage disposal damage is when non-food items such as silverware, straws, or sponges wind up down the drain while the disposal is operating at full capacity. It is not normally an issue when food waste is ground up; nevertheless, clogs can occur as a result of the way certain waste materials, such as fats and oils, react with the water in the drain line. Within a short period of time, the drain line and trap become coated with food waste, and this accumulation might eventually restrict the passage of the drain. The trap, which is positioned on the waste discharge side of the disposal, is where the majority of garbage disposal jams occur. The clog can be pretty foul-smelling and slimy, and it can be extremely inconvenient at the very least.

Midwest Plumbing is the company to call when you have a clogged garbage disposal and want to save the headache of fixing it yourself. Our garbage disposal repair specialists will determine the source of the problem and offer the most appropriate solution for you. Your questions will be answered completely, and you will be able to make an informed decision.

Problems with Garbage Disposal and their Associated Symptoms and Causes

  • The engine is running, but the waste is not being flushed down the toilet.
  • It’s possible that the garbage disposal is clogged.
  • Despite the fact that the motor creates a humming noise, it will not grind waste
  • It’s likely that something is interfering with it.
  • Under the sink, there is a puddle of standing water.
  • It’s possible that there’s a leak coming from the garbage disposal.
  • When you turn the switch on, there is no sound at all from the device.  It is possible that the garbage disposal overheated as a result of overfilling and tripped on its own. To check if it helps, try resetting the GFCI outlet and seeing if it helps or try the garbage disposal reset button and see if the garbage disposal works after.

Attention: Before beginning any DIY plumbing service project, make certain that the garbage disposal and circuit breaker are both switched off.  If you decide not to do the disposal repair then contact a professional plumber to install at the drain opening and connect the dishwasher inlet line

Maintenance of Garbage Disposal Systems

Garbage disposal maintenance is quite straightforward, and the majority of issues can be avoided.

Follow these steps:

  1. The first and most important guideline of utilizing a garbage disposal is… Never grind anything that is not intended for consumption. It has the potential to cause harm to the garbage disposal blades and motor.
  2. Clean your garbage disposal by pouring a small amount of dish soap into it, turning on the cold water, and running it for approximately one minute. This will also assist to keep odors at bay.
  3. Run your garbage disposal on a regular basis to prevent rust and corrosion. This also prevents moving parts from freezing up and food waste from accumulating in the disposal.
  4. When using your garbage disposal, turn the cold water on all the way until the water runs clear. Cold water hardens food, making it simpler for the trash disposal to grind it up and push it out of the drain pipe as it runs through the sink.
  5. Allow your disposal to run for a longer period of time. After your garbage disposal has completed grinding up the waste, leave it and the water running for a minute longer to cool the machine. For the purpose of preventing blockages, make sure that all of the food has been washed out of the drain pipe.
  6. Break up large food items into smaller pieces to prevent the disposal from becoming overloaded, which could cause it to overheat and malfunction.
  7. Use a drain strainer to assist prevent clogs in your pipes.
  8. Use a little lemon peel and ice cubes to ground up in your disposal while running water to help eradicate odors. Use of borax can aid in the elimination of odor-causing mold and mildew that may be present in your waste disposal.
  9. Before you turn off the water, make sure the waste disposal is turned off.

Don’t do any of the following:

  1. Do not grind any metal, plastic, glass, or paper goods under any circumstances.
  2. Do not grind the butts of your cigarettes.
  3. When utilizing your waste disposal, make sure to only use cold water. Hot water is excellent for cleaning most things, but it is not effective for cleaning your waste disposal. Hot water can melt the food that your garbage disposal is attempting to grind up, causing the waste to adhere to the sides of the disposal unit.
  4. Foods with a lot of fiber, including celery and onion skins, should not be ground. The fibers can wind themselves around the blades of the motor, causing it to jam and resulting in a clogged drain.
  5. Do not throw grease down the sink or into the toilet. Because it can pile up on the blades and within the drain, it can make grinding difficult or cause a clogged drain.
  6. It is best not to throw potato peels in the garbage disposal because the starches in the peels may cause the blades to stay together.
  7. No pasta or rice should be flushed down the toilet. They will absorb water and may cause a clog in the drainage system.
  8. Avoid chopping or grinding bones.
  9. Make an effort not to flush coffee grinds down the toilet. Despite the fact that they will not cause damage to your garbage disposal, they might accumulate in the drain and cause it to clog.
  10. Do not use drain cleaners or bleach on your pipes. They can cause harm to the blades as well as your pipes.

Repairing a Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal would not start, the first thing you should attempt is to reset your GFI outlet. After several attempts, the device has failed to function properly. It is necessary to get it professionally inspected before attempting to use it again. Using a garbage disposal that isn’t working properly can cause the motor to burn out. Make an appointment with your local plumber if your garbage disposal is not working properly or is creating loud or odd noises. Many disposal issues are trivial in nature and can be resolved quickly and inexpensively.

It’s simple for oil, fibrous foods, and metal to become stuck in your garbage disposal and cause it to stop working properly, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up the convenience of having this equipment in your kitchen. In the event that you require garbage disposal repair service, our licensed plumbers are on hand to identify and correct the problem. We have fully-stocked vehicles, as well as the experience and training to do the task in a timely manner, whether the problem is a repair or a new garbage disposal.

If your garbage disposal is broken, should you repair it or replace it?

If the blades on your disposal are loose or broken, it is possible that a simple repair is all that is required. For more serious problems, such a burned out engine, you may need to purchase a new disposal unit instead. Sometimes the cost of a repair is comparable to the cost of a new disposal. There will be no unpleasant surprises with our up-front price. Our plumber will analyze the problem and advise you of all of the alternatives open to you, allowing you to make an informed decision about your plumbing needs.


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How to clean my garbage disposal?

Cleaning your garbage disposal doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many simple methods for cleaning a garbage disposal. For instance, you can fill it with ice cubes, pour in a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar then turn on the disposal until all the ice cubes have been chewed up. Then run the water for a minute to rinse everything down the drain. Instead of the baking soda and vinegar concoctions, you could try a cup of lemon juice or a half cup of grease cutting dishwashing liquid.

What is that smell coming from my garbage disposal?

Food scraps and kitchen grease can cause some nasty odors inside your disposal. A quick cleaning will eliminate most disposal odors. Try pouring a bowl full of ice cubes and a cup of lemon juice down the disposal and running it until the ice cubes are chewed up. Then rinse with water.

Do plumbers install garbage disposals?

Yes, plumbers regularly install and replace garbage disposals. If you’d prefer to purchase your own garbage disposal, just have it ready for our plumber to install when he arrives. Otherwise, he may have some in his van or he will purchase one for you at a plumbing supply house or a nearby home center.

How long do garbage disposals typically last?

Garbage disposals are like any other appliance. Sometimes they’ll last a very long time and sometimes they fail after just a few years. In general terms, the average garbage disposal lasts ten years before a replacement in necessary.

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