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Do you have drain flies? Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Them And Stop Them.

The sight of tiny small flying insects inside the bathroom or kitchen can be unpleasant. They’re “drain fly flies” that live in humid environments, like down in the drainpipes that are in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. They do not bite, therefore they’re not a risk for you or your family. But, it’s not a good idea to have to be around them, not simply because they’re ugly. If you notice flies in your drain, it could indicate that you have issues in your plumbing which must be dealt with.

Discover exactly where the flies come from

The initial step in taking the care of these flies is to identify the drains that are afflicted with them. This isn’t always clear. It is possible to conduct a simple examination of the drains in order to determine if they have drain flies originating from the drains. Get a bit of adhesive tape like clear packing tape, and lay it on the drains that you believe could be problematic. Make this a practice in the evening, to make use of a period when the drain flies are at their the most active. Do a second check the following day for fly larvae stuck on the tape. It is possible to repeat this for a couple of days in one time due to how long the cycle of breeding for egg-laying flies. In the end, you’ll discover what drains cause the emergence of drain fly.

Eliminating the drain fly

In this moment, we realize that it is tempting to reach for drain cleaner to pour into the drain in order to rid the tiny bugs. Don’t make this mistake. While it could kill insects, it could result in damage to the drainpipe. Additionally, the chemical acids from the drain cleaner can be safer for you than the drain flies!

There are several basic ways to fix the problem for boiling water through the drain. It is also possible to create a mix of baking soda and vinegar, and put it in the drain. This is followed by boiling water. Other solutions might hear of, like placing a trap in the sugar solution in the drain, to draw insects. This doesn’t get to the root cause of the problem and that’s removing the egg’s source.

Most important of the time to rid yourself of drainage flies is to eliminate the buildup of organic matter inside the drain, which allows fly species to multiply. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by having an experienced plumber help you. Plumbing professionals employ special drainage cleaning techniques, like hydro-jetters and drain augers that effectively remove the cause of the accumulation. This not only gets rid of drain flies but it also creates a challenge for them to come back.

More pressing problems

The flies in your drain could be coming due to a sewage backup in pipes. If you notice unpleasant sewer smells coming in your drains, and you are having drain flies in your home, it could indicate a significant issue due to a blocked or broken sewer lines to your home. That’s one reason why it is recommended to call professionals to assist in removing drain flies. The plumbers will be able to determine whether there are bigger issues that are the cause of the issue and get these issues addressed before ending in sewage leaking to the inside of your home.

Our skilled plumbers from central Indiana can assist you with every kind of drain issue that you may face including drain flies all the way to changing sewer lines.

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