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Lighting Your Water Heater Pilot Light

So your water won’t get hot? It can be a frustrating situation at most inconvenient of occasions. However, don’t worry about it because your solution can be straightforward! It’s also true that Midwest Plumbing is here to assist.

Manual or automatic?

There are two kinds of water heaters: the manual and the automatic. For determining which one you have, need to locate the silver-colored box at the back of your appliance. Inside the silver box, there will be a dial that reads “pilot”.

If you can find an ignition button located on the device, then you’ve got an automated water heater. If not, there is manual.

Re-lighting A Manual Water Heater

Remove the sheet of metal that is covering the pilot button. This is the most important part. The pilot dial should be turned to the off position and then wait for at least 10 minutes for natural gas to evaporate. Get a lighter that is longer to keep your hands safe then turn the dial into the “pilot” setting and then change the temperature setting at “low”.

With one smooth motion, press the pilot button and make use of the long lighter to go to the flame. Hold your finger to that pilot switch for about 20-30 minutes. Then, voila! The light should now be shining!

Re-lighting an Automatic Water Heating System

There’s a good chance No lighter is required for this! Press the pilot dial and hold an ignition switch for 30 seconds, and it’s done!