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How Your Water Heater Can Produce Cold Water

As you head to the bathroom in the cold winter morning then turn the handle to the right and then walk under the torrent of water hoping for warmth. However, the unpleasant thing happens when you’re confronted with cold water pouring down. It’s not an enjoyable morning. You now know that you’re dealing with an plumbing issue you’ll need be able to fix as quickly as you can.

If you’re in need of plumbing assistance, we’re the team that can assist to fix the problem of your water heater in Indianapolis, IN. If you’re experiencing cold water, our team is here to help you determine the exact cause of your issue this moment.

The Reasons for Your Water Heater’s Cold Water

There are a variety of causes why the water heater could be making cold water. Here are some of the main reasons.

Mineral Construction

If you’ve spoken to an expert about your issues with your water heater in previous, then you’ve encountered mineral build-up. It’s a problem for water heaters that haven’t been regularly checked and maintained. The mineral build-up is caused by the mineral content that naturally is present within the water supply of municipal sources. Minerals naturally accumulate in time, and then calcify when the water cools and heats. This causes the mineral accumulation. If it’s too much in the hot tank of water, it may effectively block the hot water from reaching your body effortlessly. The result is that you’ll feel cool, cool water coming from your taps.

A Bad Heating Element

Electric water heaters include an element of heating that starts off the whole procedure. When your heating element starts to wear out, you will struggle to complete the job it was designed to do. The temperature of the water cooling to a lower temperature and drop as time passes. Make sure to replace this component in experts We’re the only one that can provide you with a satisfactory result.

A Bad Thermostat

Another reason why you may encounter cold water is an unreliable thermostat. A majority of thermostats for water heaters hold the temperature between 120 and 140 degrees F. The temperature band is typically determined by your needs at home. While this is the place the place where you should set your settings there is a chance to have things fail and out of line.

If you observe your thermostat’s setting has dropped below 120 degrees You can then adjust it to a higher temperature. If you continue to encounter problems with it dropping below the mark, you should consult an expert. You have a problem the thermostat. We are able to help fix it.

The Value of Professional Service

We are just like you. recognize that plumbing problems can be a long solution. If your water heater isn’t able to perform, our staff will come to your aid to fix the issue. They’re capable of doing this due to our knowledge of the specifics of the water heater maintenance. We’re able to repair anything that’s not working properly.

Our team will also be on the side of you to provide maintenance and service replacement. The maintenance of your water heater is crucial no matter if you own tanks or tankless models. We’ll even help you select a replacement unit whenever you’re ready to replace it.

Get in touch with Midwest Plumbing to schedule an appointment for service on your water heater.