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DC Plumber LLC in the News for Its Water Restoration Services

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DC Plumber is receiving press coverage for Its Water Restoration Services

Our plumbing location in DC has recently received some great coverages for the plumbing and water restoration services we provide to the residents of Washington DC.  See some of the excerpts below:

Reputed plumbing company announced that it is able to provide restoration services to Washington residents whose homes have sustained water damage. According to the company, leaky pipes can cause huge damage to Washington, DC homes. The company stated that if homeowners find themselves in such a situation, it is important that they act quickly, as water can rapidly penetrate the building materials of a home, causing extensive long-term damage.

leak repairsDC Plumber concluded by stating that leaky pipes and water damage constitute plumbing emergencies, which should be dealt with as soon as possible. For this reason, DC Plumber announced that it provides twenty-four hour emergency plumbing services to DC-area residents. The company stated that it has technicians on call around the clock, every day of the week. DC Plumber stated that by sending technicians out on a 24/7 basis, it is able to treat plumbing emergencies before they become plumbing catastrophes.
DC Plumber LLC Announces Its Water Restoration Services

Some additional news outlets picked up on the same story:

DC Plumber was pleased to announce that it is able to treat water damage and its hazardous effects. DC Plumber stated that it has tools that can rapidly dry wet areas in homes, before serious water damage can occur. The company also stated that it is able to disinfect wet areas of bacteria and fungi, so that hazardous pathogens do not become an issue. DC Plumber announced that its master technicians are also able to repair and replace leaky pipes, as the best way to treat water damage is to prevent it from happening in the first place.  DC Plumber LLC Announces Its Water Restoration Services – Press Release – Digital Journal


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