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Why won’t my toilet flush?

The toilet’s inability to be flushed is a pain, but this is the bright side it’s likely to be a simple solution.

The experts from Midwest Plumbing has put together this guide on the most frequent reasons why the toilet will not flush. Based on the problem with the toilet, you might have the ability to fix your issue on your own without having to seek out an plumber.

The Lift Chain Doesn’t Have Enough Slack

If you press down on the handle, but you not feel any resistance, then the chain in the tank, that is connected to the flapper, and then releases water, is likely to have shifted to create an excessive amount of slack to the chain.

Solutions: Remove the tank lid and cut the length of your lift chain until there’s not any space between the flapper with the handle.

The Toilet is Clogged

If a member of your household used excessive toilet paper, spilled objects like toys in the toilet or flushed out a non-sanitary item, then a toilet that is clogged is likely.

Solutions: You might be capable of sifting out objects like toys that are lying on the ground. But, for materials that are absorbent for example, like sanitary pads or diapers, attempt to remove the blockage or make use of a toilet cleaner to remove the clog.

The Water Level Is At A Low Level

If there’s not enough water in the bowl your toilet will not flush. The float ball inside the tank may have wrongly adjusted, indicating to the toilet that there’s not enough water for it to flush correctly.

Solutions: Lift open the lid of the tank. The float ball must be floating between 1 and 2 inches lower than the tube that overflows and the fill valve. It could also have an etched line in the porcelain, indicating the degree the float ball must remain at. The float ball can be adjusted to stay at that degree.

The Flapper Is Warped. Flapper Is Warped

If you find that your toilet runs frequently it could be because the flapper is stretched. The flapper is attached to the chain that lifts it and is opened when you push the handle of the toilet. As time passes, the flapper of rubber may be twisted or warped, rendering it ineffective at sealing the toilet’s flush tube and allow water to flow through the toilet.

Solution: Obtain a new flapper from a hardware store or home improvement shop. These aren’t expensive and are simple to locate. Switch off the water main, then drain the tank of your toilet, then replace the damaged flapper and obtain a new flapper. Re-couple your water and flush the toilet once more.

It’s a sewer line or sewer issue.

If you’ve tried every one of the remedies above but your toilet doesn’t seem to flush, then it’s likely the right time to contact a specialist to examine your plumbing and sewer system for any major backups. One of the most obvious signs of a problem with your drain line or a problem with your sewer system is when there is a blockage in the pipes throughout your home but not only in your bathroom.

Solution: Call a licensed plumber who is equipped with the skills and tools to identify blockages without the need to open the pipes. If you have a drainage pipeline or plumbing issue, the issue will not be something diy solutions can resolve. The plumbing expert will likely use the video inspection of pipes and longer-reaching augers in order to complete repairs that are required.

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