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Four Ways to Clear a Toilet

Toilets are among the greatest inventions that can be found at any household until it gets clogged. However, we shouldn’t worry about obstructions in the toilet. First step in unblocking the toilet is to be in a calm state and adhere to these guidelines.

A second thing to consider is where the valve for water supply can be located. When you notice that levels of water are going to go over the lip of the toilet close the valve in order to stop a spill. There may be a need to bail out the water manually however, it’s superior to sweeping it out!

The Plunger

The most obvious option can be the most effective. If you own an apex plunger, and the cause of the blockage is inside the pipes, plunge into the water to remove the obstruction makes sense. There may be a need to add the toilet manually or let the toilet be running. When you have lowered the level of water down, flush the toilet to determine whether the obstruction is gone.

Vinegar and baking soda

What if you knew that you could transform your bathroom into a high Science fair science volcano at school? 1 cup baking soda along with two cups of vinegar could cause a powerful chemical reaction to cause carbon dioxide to rise over the obstruction. What’s important is to get enough water from the bowl that you are able to dump the bulk of the baking soda in the top and back of your U-bend. After that, pour in the vinegar and wait until the reaction takes place, and finally flush.

Hot water and soap

It’s a little odd, but there are times when we’re eager enough to attempt using hot water and liquid soap to loosen and clear an obstruction. This method is more effective when you believe that the blockage isn’t in deep inside the pipes. The first step is to put soap on the base of the bowl. Next, put in boiling water. The water should almost be boiling. There shouldn’t be more than two cups it.

Coat hanger

Although it may sound unpleasant Sometimes, unwinding or cutting the hanger of a coat to cut it into pieces or fishing out the obstruction is the most effective remedy. This is particularly the case if the cause of the blockage remains within the bowl.

However, sometimes it’s impossible to resolve your plumbing difficulties on your own. In those instances, call one of the Midwest Plumbing locations.