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How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

Unclogging the kitchen sink You may have a clog if your kitchen sink is not draining, draining slowly, or emitting an odor. It’s critical

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Can you pour oil down the drain

How to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil – Avoid Pouring It Down the Drain How to Get Rid of Used Cooking Oil Without Throwing It

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Floor drain maintenance tips

Tips to maintain your floor drains Floor drains are typically overlooked when it comes to indoor plumbing. Because they’re flush with the surface, floor drains

Water Heater Service

How do tankless water heaters work

What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of tankless water heaters? Tankless water heaters, commonly referred to as demand-type or instantaneous water heaters, heat

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Sink gurgles when washing machine drains

How To Stop Sinks And Toilets From Gurgling When Your Washing Machine Is Draining When my washing machine drains, why does my sink gurgle? When

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Common causes of sewer backups

COMMON CAUSES OF SEWER BACKUPS A clogged sewer can cause serious damage to your property. Downpours in the spring and summer can strain your home’s

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