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Why camera my sewer line?

The plumbing industry has become a lot higher-tech than it was only a couple of years in the past.

The majority of tools have computer-controlled circuit boards that are loaded with processors, digital readingout and wireless transmission which is so complex that it requires several hours of instruction in order to operate them correctly. There are cameras, jetters sewer machines, locators and transmitters, not to forget the hand tools and power devices that are sometimes priced at $500 and can only be used in one specific purpose! When a professional company arrives to your house to figure out the cause of your sewer being overflowing, he’s usually hauling around $100,000 worth of tools on the truck that he loaded up!

One of these fancy digital, computer-controlled tools is the drain camera. Drain cameras come in all kinds of sizes, lengths as well as styles. There are many more options than the Ford Mustang!. There is a chance that you don’t have any recording equipment, but it could be that ….there could be USB and DVD options, as well as internal or even older VHS models that are still in use! There is self-leveling cameras, 100-foot reach, 200 feet reach, one that can handle 1-1/2” lines as high as 8” and greater lines!

How does this impact you as well as the plumbing issues?

Spending a few dollars will save you money in the future. There are times that having your camera running can be worth the price of gold. Imagine you just bought your beautiful new home in a quiet, established neighborhood. In the following months, you realize that the toilets don’t have the same flush as they used to prior to. Sometimes, you need to shut off the shower because the water doesn’t seem to drain at the same speed as it used to. And then, one day, there’s no water flowing. Then you call the local plumber and think all you need is him to run the snake through the line to remove any obstruction. The plumber is there and has a fight using his rooter equipment and, if you’re fortunate you get a tiny gap cut, and then the water is drained. If you’re not lucky you, the plumber is left with no results and must let the water gradually drop or even better, get the water away and then place his camera into the water line.

If you’d taken the time to do so and only the cost of a few dollars it could have prevented with an initial exam of the sewer line done by a licensed plumber prior to purchasing. The plumber could have observed and documented some root growth in a crack or connection inside the pipe. He might have been able to warn the pipe owner about a problem that appeared to turn into a pipe collapse over the future. Repairs to these types of problems can be between $15000 and $2500. This isn’t just about the cost, ….your property is likely to be impacted by significant damage. In fact, you might be required to take down some old trees or infrastructure in your home for the repairs. This is a huge inconvenience which could have been easily avoided with just a few dollars.

What is the cost to use a camera on a sewer line?

We at Midwest Plumbing we want to give our customers the most complete information possible. Our cameras are top of the line so customers will be able to see what we are seeing. You can also take a video recording and store it to be compared at a later time if you prefer to hold off. If we are at your residence for the occasion of a service visit or visit, we might decide to test the camera free of charge to check our work to determine if there’s an issue that warrants concern. The majority of times, we’ll find that everything is fine and can proceed to the next service call, with the customer satisfied and assured that the issue was resolved. Sometimes, we discover growth or roots in the pipeline that we are able to tackle with the rooter or using a jetter, so that the client has extra time to save to pay for the repairs. In rare cases, we will find an uncrushed pipe or collapsed pipe in which there is some movement of the ground, which has caused major damage. In the event that this is an issue, we are able to provide urgent assistance, starting working immediately to bring your house back to its original condition or, if it’s an ongoing project that takes two days there are agreements with major hotels to offer special rates that we incorporate into your price. We also offer immediate credit. If you require an inspection using the recording USB drive in anticipation of a home purchase , we’ll charge the flat fee of $300 that covers all drain lines major in order to protect you.

The most effective way to determine whether you require someone to record a or discuss it is in conversation with Midwest Plumbing when we arrive at your residence to conduct your annual check-up. It is likely that there is no reason why it would have to be addressed, however having a conversation with us could help you avoid a few problems in the near future. The goal of our company is to help educate our clients and make them think about the best option for them at the moment at a particular time. If you’ve never completed the annual plumbing check or water heater flush, call us now and relax.