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The reason why video sewer inspection is important

One of the most difficult issues in keeping up with the integrity of your plumbing and sewer systems is the difficulty to spot issues within the system. Because a lot of plumbing and sewer lines are obscured from view, home owners aren’t likely to spot issues in them until they’ve suffered severe injury. However, if you did want to have a inspection of your pipes up until recently, the only method to accomplish this was through digging and physically looking at the pipes. It’s no more the case. If you’d like to spot this issue early and therefore minimize the damage that may occur, it is recommended to schedule a an inspection video of your pipes each year, at minimum. We’ll take a look at the video inspection of pipes as well as the reasons why it’s crucial.

Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection requires the installation of a cable long into the pipe with an camera attached at the bottom of the cable. The camera moves throughout the plumbing and sewer lines via a pair motorized wheels. It then sends the live feed of video directly to the plumber responsible for it. This permits the plumber to examine the condition of the condition of your plumbing and sewer lines without digging up the pipes. If problems do arise there are any issues, the plumber can pinpoint exactly the location of the problem lies so they can address it.

It is possible to schedule a an inspection of your pipes using video each year, at minimum. In the past, many plumbing and sewer issues will provide no warning signal or sign that they are present until they’ve caused some damage. One way to make sure these issues are detected in the early stages is to keep a close eye on the signs. Set a time, and plan a an inspection of the pipe video at least every year to keep your pipe protected.

If you require video inspections for your pipes Call Midwest Plumbing. We provide inspection of pipes using video services all over central Indiana.