Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair

Plumbing problems can be a nightmare. If your home sewer line is damaged, then you need sewer repair! It's best to repair it immediately. Before you can take action and contact a professional plumber, you need to know signs that your home sewer line needs repair. Here are warning signs that you need to call a professional plumber like the team at Midwest Plumbing to get your sewer line repaired. 

Household Drains Are Slow

You have a clog somewhere in the drain system if your household drains are slowing down. This might even be in your main sewer line. The sewer line could be clogged, cracked, or infiltrated by tree roots. If someone in your home flushes non-flushable items or sanitary products, cracks and clogs are more likely to occur. Call a professional plumber in your area as soon as possible if you're experiencing a slow drain.

Unexplained Lush Green Patches

Leaking sewage may be great for your lawn, but it's bad news for your home plumbing. If one or more sections of your yard look much better than the rest of the grass, and it grows like crazy, then your lush grass might be getting its nutrients and moisture from a broken sewer line. If so, there's a possibility that you have a leak. A crack in your sewer line will make the surrounding grass to be lush.

You Smell Sewage

You should never smell sewage outside or inside or your home. A functional sewer line should permanently be sealed airtight, meaning no water should ever leak out. You may have a broken or leaking sewer line if you smell sewage in the basement or outside the house. The smell is dangerous at high levels because it's accompanied by hydrogen sulfide. You can avoid health problems if you get a professional plumber to check the sewage problem.

The Pipes Gurgle

A healthy drain system should rarely make a gurgling sound. When your drain gets clogged, the water doesn't flow. This can cause bubbles to form. As these bubbles pass through the pipes, it causes a gurgling sound. Your plumbing system has a clogged or broken sewer line if the gurgling is common. You need to call in a professional plumber if you see any of these signs.

Poor Water Pressure

 You could have something going wrong in your sewer system if your home's water pressure is decreased. Like many sewer issues, cracks or clogs could be the culprit. If it seems little to no water is flowing out of your faucets or your showers become disappointing, it could be time for a sewer repair.

Don't Wait, Call Midwest Plumbing For Your Sewer Line Repair

If you need sewer line repair, you should call someone you can trust. Here at Midwest Plumbing, we know how vital it is for you to have your sewer line repaired. Our licensed plumber can safely repair your sewer line and ensure your home remains sewage-free. Call us today at 866-306-4342 for your sewer line repair and replacement.

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