Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection

Discovering the exact problem with your sewer or drain can be challenging, especially because you can't see or get inside. These tight spaces can also be tricky to access if you lack the right equipment unless you employ the services of professionals like us.

At Midwest Plumbing, we utilize innovative technology to ensure we make accurate decisions concerning your drain and sewer. Our top-of-the-line sewer camera inspection services let us know what's going on with your plumbing system and provide timely, reliable, and lasting solutions.

FAQs About Our Sewer Camera Inspections

The technology of sewer pipe camera inspection has transformed the diagnosis process of sewer problems. Below we answer some of the questions asked by clients.

How Do Sewer Cameras Work?

Sewer cameras enable our technicians to find out what’s causing a backup or blockage in your sewer line without guessing what the issue is or digging up our backyard. Since sewer repair or replacement isn’t a small job, camera inspection helps you avoid the high cost of manually uncovering the sewer problem.

Can a Sewer Camera See Through Water?

Absolutely. A sewer camera is waterproof. It also has a light attached so that our technicians can see everything in the murky pipes.

What is a Camera Inspection?

The process entails using a camera attached at the front of a thin, snake-like rod that can maneuver down the drain. As the flexible cable travels through the pipe, it transmits the video back to our experts in real-time. Thus, our technicians are able to locate all the damages and issues in your sewer line and perform their job more efficiently.

The camera also has a radio transmitter to record the depth from the surface and the exact problematic spot, informing our team what needs to be fixed and where. Further, the camera records the session in case we need to take another look later on.

Thanks to sewer inspections, our team is able to fully understand the extent of the damage, resulting in more efficient and faster repairs.

How Much Does it Cost to Run A Camera Drain?

The average cost to run a camera drain ranges anywhere from $250 to $1,200. Of course, this will depend on the location, length of pipes being assessed, the extent of damage, company, among other factors. In some cases, technicians might have to snake the pipes to see better, and this can also add up to the total cost of running a camera drain.

Is A Sewer Camera Inspection Necessary?

A sewer camera inspection is an easy and fast way to establish the health of your plumbing systems. It also allows for the accurate and early detection of issues before they turn into expensive repairs.

Quick, Affordable, and Efficient Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Is your sewer line acting up? Eliminate the guesswork of figuring out what the issue could be by having our experts perform a sewer camera inspection. Our premier services guarantee prompt and accurate diagnostics that will save you money and time. Call us or contact us online to schedule plumbing.

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