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You can now control home appliances with a smartphone app

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Water Heater Service

Looking for a water heater upgrade?

If you find yourself in the market for a new water heater, do a little research to see all the latest developments that are in the market…it may just surprise you.

Recommendations for a new water heater

Do you have any reason to believe your water Olympic heater is better or worse than other water heaters? Our current water heater is leaking in a way that indicates internal damage, and it’s 15 years old anyway. There’s a similar size/shape one listed for that brand. Recommendations for a new water heater / brand? – waterheater plumbing homedepot | Ask MetaFilter

Apps that allow to control water heater

With all the latest and greatest gadgets in the last few years, why not look to be more efficient with the ability to control the functioning of your water heater as well?

indiatimes.comNow, control all your electronic home appliances with this smartphone app

Noida-based Oakter wants to change that by offering a system that is incredibly easy to setup and use. We call it a system because it is expandable -you can keep adding more components to suit your particular need. The promise is simply this: Oakter lets you control your appliances (lights, fans, water heater, air conditioner, heaters and so on) from your phone. Check out the full story…

With all the advancements in water heaters and technology, look to leverage that the next time you are in the market for a water heater replacement.  Don’t just look to the cheapest model because spending a few extra dollars up front can save a load of money in the long run.


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