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So sad for the athletes – Rio Olympic Village sounds like a disaster

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Plumbing Emergencies seem to happen to everyone

It appears that Rio may not be ready in time for the athletes to move in for the start of the Olympics!  Seems crazy to me how can even come to this.  Just goes to show that anyone can find themselves in need of emergency plumbing services, how horrible is it that the village has water completely destroying the rooms due to poor work.

Rio Olympic Village sounds like a disaster – Business Insider

Athletes from across the world were scheduled to move into the Olympic Village over the weekend in
the Barra de Tijuca neighborhood of Rio only to find the rooms and bathrooms in exceedingly poor condition.
Bathroom plumbing serviceSweden’s women’s soccer team decided not to move into the village;
Italy, the Netherlands, and the US reportedly paid for cleaning true services. Carlos Nuzman, the president of the Olympic organizing committee, said that the problems would be fixed

Plumbing, electricity, and gas problems in the Olympic Village have forced some countries’ athletes to check find into hotels.  Check out the full story…

The mayor is not being helpful in the least being that he thinks being funny and rude helps the situation.  It is not like they just found out they were hosting a big party last week.  What do you think?  Is the mayor making Brazil look even worse with his rude tweeting?

To bad we are not in RIO to help, would love to bring some of the good old American Workmanship to that place and get the village into acceptable shape for the athletes.  Just goes to show that emergency can strike any where and it helps to have a good reliable plumbing contractors doing your work.  We are proud to offer Emergency Plumbing Repair for all areas on the home.  Whether you have a leak in the kitchen, a clogged up sink, or need water heater service, we will be glad to for get your plumbing back in tip top shape.

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