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Potential Causes of Water discoloration inside your home

It’s not something you’d like to notice such as a brownish or reddish water color appearing from the taps within your home. It’s a sign that something is not right when there isn’t clean, uncloudy water inside the house. What’s the problem?

It’s a bit difficult to answer that problem because there are many reasons for discoloration of the water from drinking water from the faucet in your house. Certain issues are small and can be resolved in the near future. Some may require maintenance to fix the condition of your plumbing. Our team has extensive knowledge of every kind of plumbing problems. We’ll give you a quick list of common factors that cause water to become discolored.

The faucet hasn’t seen use since a few weeks.

When you’ve returned from a vacation or the water faucet you’re experiencing is located in a bathroom that was not utilized for an extended period of time and you’re seeing dried , sludge from pipes after there was a loss of water. The issue is not major allow the water to go for about a minute , and the problem will be out.

Pipe deterioration

Do you reside in a house built prior to 1970? If so, then it is likely that you have old pipe materials like steel or iron that corrode with the course of. It is a process that releases manganese and iron in water and gives it the dark brown rust shade. If the water that is discolored appears to be flowing from faucets throughout your home, there is a problem in the main water supply. It’s something that you’ll need repaired as soon as is possible or by repiping your interior plumbing or installing a brand an entirely new line of water installed with upgraded components.

The water heater has a rusty-through surface. water heater

Verify that the water that is discolored is being pumped through the hot water portion or the plumbing. Drink a glass full of cold water, and then pour a glass hot water out of the faucet and observe the difference. If you notice discoloration only hot water this could indicate problems with the heater. It is more likely that the tank in the water heater has begun to rust within the tank. One way to address this issue is to set up an entirely new water heater. (The model you have is likely much too old at this time.) It is possible the possibility that too much sediment has been accumulating in the tank, and it is time to contact professional help to flush the tank.

Sedimentation in pipes

The dirt and the sediment may infiltrate freshwater lines. It has are then deposited on the pipes’ bottom. Rapid changes in pressure or even faster flow of water through pipes (such as the fire department placing an enormous demand on it) can stir up the sediment layer before it gets into your home. As with faucets not being used the discoloration will disappear after a brief period.

New Municipal Water Source

It’s a situation that you can’t exercise any control over. Switching to a different reservoir or river or water source can cause the water a new look. It could cause concern (remember what transpired in Flint, MI), If you are concerned you should consider having an entire water treatment facility installed.

If you’re concerned about constant discoloration of your home’s water, contact one of our experts in water treatment immediately.

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