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Get a Traditional kitchen tune-up with a contemporary twist

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Looking to get a traditional kitchen tune-up with a contemporary twist

The kitchen is where the family spends the majority of the time, from cooking to eating to homework and more.  When looking to update your kitchen, a little extra planning can take that drab kitchen to the home hangout!

Careful planning takes a traditional kitchen from boring to spectacular. (Photo: Decorating Den Interiros) The revamp began with better planning of the appliances, publicopiniononline.comwhich more than doubled the functioning counter space. Instead of an oven/micro-wave combination plus a cooktop, the new layout has an oven/stove combo centered on the back wall with a microwave next to the refrigerator. The cream color grout accents the rectangular shape of the tiles and pops the design over the stove. The planning and attention to detail took this kitchen from tired to spectacular.

Planning and attention to detail took a traditional kitchen from tired to spectacular. Read More…

If you are in the market for a kitchen upgrade – don’t get stuck in the thoughts of a kitchen if for cooking.  In today’s families, the kitchen has become the central hub where the most important time is spent.  Look to give your kitchen that extra kick publicopiniononline.comthat just a little planning can give it, from upgraded to refrigerators to built in ice machines to on demand water heaters.

If you find that you are in the market to update your kitchen, let us  help design the kitchen to provide long lasting appeal for years to come.  We provide kitchen plumbing services to ensure that your kitchen of today will be ready to transform into the kitchen of tomorrow with minimal effort.


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