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Don’t Allow The Cold Weather to Create a Water Pipe Disaster

This week we’ve had our first glimpse of wintery cold and it seems like we’ll be experiencing colder temperatures and will last for time. In addition, there is a tiny amount of snow which will cause the air to become even more frigid and allow temperatures to remain below freezing. Now that’s cold!

This year we experienced an number of pipes frozen, and even though we’re here to resolve any plumbing problem, we’d like to offer some helpful tips to prepare for the first cold weather front.

  1. Insulate your pipes in places like your garage attic, crawl space as well as any other spaces where there isn’t a heating source.
  2. Cover up air leaks close to outdoor pipes. If the air leaks aren’t properly sealed, cold air can get in and freeze the pipes.
  3. Remove the backyard hose(s) away, and turn off the outdoor water supply. Make sure you follow these guidelines to complete this task.
  4. If you’re planning on heading away from the city, make sure you do not set the temperature to lower than 55 degrees.
  5. Most importantly, be sure that you and everyone within your house knows where the primary shutoff valve is. In the event that a pipe ruptures the first thing you should do is be to turn off the supply of water to your home to stop any further harm!

It is a fact that accidents do happen which is why if you wind in a situation where your pipe freezes, adhere to these basic guidelines.

The frigid and freezing weather does not stop our techs to assist our customers who are in need. Give us a call right now or make an appointment online in case you require us. We’re available 7 days a week. And remember… it’s no extra cost to schedule a weekend, evening or holidays!