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Could the Olympic Divers benefit from green water?; officials treat for alkalinity | NBC Olympics

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How can so many things go wrong with this olympics when they have years to prepare, from plumbing service issue at the village to now this….

nbcolympics.comThe cause, which was originally unknown, was explained on Wednesday as “a proliferation of algae” by organizing committee spokesman Mario Andrada. Later, Andrada cited a decrease in the alkaline level in the diving well.

The adjacent pool for water polo and synchronized swimming remained blue on Tuesday morning but later began to take on a greenish hue.
“We have treated both pools during the night and the alkalinity levels have already improved,” Andrada said. “We expect the color to be back to blue very shortly.” Read More Here


Despite all the distractions of the facilities, the games have been a real joy to watch read here.  I know that I have sure enjoyed watching.  Now if can just keep any thing else from distracting from the athletes we can take in the most dominating American display in years!



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