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Are Flushable Wipes Really Safe To Flush?

Do you recall that first time you tried an unwetted wipe in place or toilet paper? It was at first you didn’t know how to feel at first however after a couple visits to the toilet it was clear that you had a new addiction! Though they can perform admirably with cleaning up, they’re not as hero-like as we imagined that they were when we purchased the wipes. The package of the wipes does say “flushable,” but are they truly secure enough to be flushed?

The Facts about Flushable Wipes

The market for wet wipes is “flushable” or “septic-safe,” so there ought to be no issue using them to flush down the toilet isn’t it? Wrong! Although these wipes eventually degrade however, they require a greater duration to do as compared the toilet paper. As the decomposition process for wet wipes isn’t quite as fast blocking pipes or clogging them, they happen more often. The risk of putting your house’s plumbing at risk of major clogs could result in hefty plumbing expenses for your home.

What “Flushable” Items Cause Blockages?

Once these “flushable” wipes have been flushed, they could be entangled with various other objects that are within your sewer lines. Toilet paper that is thick and paper towels, as well as dental floss toilet paper, sanitary pads, as well as toilet pads are often flushed, contributing to backups and clogs.

When you combine these products with wet wipes, it creates an unwelcome mess that is known as “ragging.” If it happens to you, take out your phone and begin the search for the plumber.

What can I safely flush?

The manufacturers provide results of tests stating that wipes with flush capabilities are suitable for flushing — However, there’s evidence to suggest that flushing of the wipes could increase the chance of clogging sewer lines and will require the for pumping septic tanks frequently. While wipes can seem like the best invention since the invention of bread slices however, it is best to steer clear from using these products. Toilet paper should be the only thing to flush apart from “the most obvious.”

What Should I Do If I’ve already had a clog from wipes in my toilet?

Simply because someone claims something doesn’t necessarily mean the statement is true. This is the same for your favorite “flushable” toiletries and their misleading packaging. If your house is suffering from regular clogs (whether you’re using wipes with water or otherwise), there is a root cause that must be dealt with. Midwest Plumbing Indianapolis is always ready to take your call, no matter if the obstruction is large or tiny! To find out more about us or to set up an appointment, please contact us at any of our offices.