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Plumbing tips for the summer season

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Summer is great time to check your home plumbing

Lots of brand-new homebuyers find out too late that their dream home is riddled with water leakage or a poor plumbing system. To avoid such unexpected and costly issues, we advise that you aesthetically inspect any prospective home for issues and offer these helpful pointers:

Bathroom Plumbing Tips

Examine around the base of the toilet for signs of water damage (i.e.; rolled vinyl, black or white stains).
To look for a “soft flooring,” stand straddled over the toilet and rock back and forth on each foot. If the flooring feels spongy, it is probably decomposing or weakened.
Examine to see how quick the toilet flushes.
Look for leaking or loose tiles by continuing the walls where they are available in contact with the bathtub. If the walls are soft, water might have produced damage behind the tiles.
Offer a trash bin in the restroom so the toilet isn’t used as a garbage can. Never flush cotton swabs, cotton balls, hair, facial scrub pads, diapers, sanitary items or similar items down the toilet. These products will not easily liquify and are responsible for the majority of obstructions.

Supply of water Piping

Turn on water in tub and in the kitchen area sink. The piping in the home might need to be replaced because of calcium and mineral deposits restricting water circulation if there is a visible decrease in water volume.
Check exposed piping for signs of leaking or recent repairs if the home has a basement.
Discover the main line cleanout and make sure that it is accessible.

Water Heater Plumbing Tips

Inspect the date of the water heater. The very first 4 numbers of the identification number on the water heater are the month and year. Any heating system over 15 years of ages is a candidate to be replaced.
A rusty water tank signifies pending problems.

Miscellaneous Plumbing Tips

Garbage Disposal

Inspect to make sure that the garbage disposer and dishwashing machine connections are tight and leakage complimentary.
Survey the within cabinets (with a flashlight) for indications of water damage, warped cabinet bottom or discolorations. Make certain that traps and supply tubes are not leaking.
Inspect washing machine pipes for rupture. Turn valves on and off to evaluate for leakages.

Standing Water

Standing water is another common issue resulting from damaged or dripping pipes. Excess water in a yard might be coming from a harmed sewer line and may contain waste from the house.

Sewer Examination

If you are planning to purchase a house, doing a video evaluation of the underground sewer pipeline may be a smart idea, specifically in older homes with clay or concrete sewer pipes. The evaluation will expose any defects with the sewer before you buy and acquire a problem. The expense of repairing or replacing an underground sewer might cost lots of countless dollars making a reasonably affordable cam assessment a great financial investment.

Many new property buyers find out too late that their dream house is filled with water leakage or a bad plumbing system. Check the date of the water heater. The first 4 numbers of the serial number on the water heater are the month and year. Standing water is another common issue resulting from damaged or leaky pipelines. Excess water in a backyard might be coming from a damaged sewer line and may include waste from the home.


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