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Preventing clogs to maintain your home plumbing system

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Kitchen Plumbing Service Installaion

Do you worry about clogging your home plumbing system?

Food can be the cause of some plumbing issues that may be occurring in your home or business. This is especially true for restaurants and food services who handle food and waste every day. There are four common culprits in food that can be very detrimental if put down the drain: fat, grease, oil and grit. Here are some facts and tips from your local Midwest Plumbing Greenwood plumbers that can help you prevent blockage problems due to these substances:

–          Fat has the tendency to coat things with a thin cover of slime that can eventually build up and produce blockage. Foods that can contribute to this fat include any raw meat or poultry, cheeses, peanut butter and meat drippings. Throw these substances away in the garbage rather than down the drain or disposal.

–          Grease is something that many put down the drain with the thought that it will rinse out with hot water, but that is far from the case because if grease is left in drains it has the ability to combine with other components in the drain and pipes. This adds to the clog. The most common food items containing grease include bacon and other fatty meats, gravy, mayo and many salad dressings.

–          Oil can be one of the worst things to get into your pipes and can quickly take the blockage to the next level. It can get into the creases and crevices of the pipe that other clogging agents cannot grasp and they invade the pipes and drains with more dirt and grime. Oil can be found in many foods but it is more common in the oil that is used during the food preparation, such as vegetable, peanut and canola oils. We suggest putting these oils into their original packaging and disposing of them through your local recycling center.

–          Grit becomes a problem because once it builds up it can become very hard and ruin pipes and once a substance like grit creeps into your local water treatment plant it can begin to gnaw on pipes and disable machinery. Grit can be caused by things going down the drain that are not necessarily supposed to go down the drain such as q-tips, diapers, sanitary napkins, egg shells or kitty litter, all things meant for the garbage but find their way to the sink.

Substances like fats, grease and oil should never go down the drain, so be sure to scrap off the inside leftovers of pots and pans into the trash before washing them. To dispose of grease and fat it is easiest to pour them into containers or bags that you can seal and once they have cooled and hardened it is safe to dispose of them in the trash. It is also important to avoid using the garbage disposal for starchy foods, it only chops the food up into smaller pieces that tend to get stuck and create clogs as well. If needed it is wise to use a sink strainer and clean disposal and drains out regularly.

For more information, call your local plumbers today.