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Household Plumbing Tips: Some simple household tips can help homeowners save money before an easy plumbing fix turns into a professional’s problem. This video will feature our expert plumbers advising on cleaning out clogs, detecting and repairing leaks and overall plumbing system efficiency.

Sewer Problems: The sewer system is something many homeowners do not think about until there is a problem.  This video will walk through common residential sewer issues, as well as, some maintenance and repair that will help prevent sewer problems from going from bad to worse.

Flood Prevention Tips: April and May Showers are here and when flooding occurs inside a home, the damage can be disruptive, long-lasting and expensive. During this heavy rain season there are several easy plumbing projects you can do to prevent flooding. This video will highlight different projects and inspections that you can do year round to prevent flooding during this wet season.

Midwest Plumbing Greenwood has a whole list of great informational videos. This section of our website, just for homeowners, includes videos, blogs and more to help keep a home in tip-top plumbing condition. Look for the new videos soon!

Additionally, you can check out the Midwest Plumbing Greenwood YouTube Channel for an even wider variety of helpful videos.Finally, if you are taking on do-it-yourself plumbing projects around your home, do not get in over your head! Know your limits. Some plumbing problems are best left to the pros. Remember an experienced Midwest Plumbing professional is just a click or call away.



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