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What can build up in Your Drains If You’re Not Looking

This doesn’t mean that you should stare at the pipes in your home every time you make time for. When you perform your normal activities of making meals, showering, bathing or cleaning, thinking that your drains will be good, they might collect dirt that could cause the appearance of slow drains or blockages later on.

Below is a comprehensive list of the most commonly occurring accumulations that can occur within drains, without your knowing of it until there is a problem.

Soap Scum

Strange word: If you’re using soap what could be considered scum? In reality, it’s not soap or scum. It’s a layer of minerals that is the result of the chemical reaction of soap with minerals present in water. It is most prevalent with hard water, but it is a problem at any time. Scum from soap often accumulates on bathroom and shower drains. These drains are filled with soap flowing through the drains. The soap scum gets stuck and is difficult to eliminate and is one of the toughest factors that cause the drain to clog. Additionally, it can cause acidic reactions when in contact with chemicals used to clean drains and could damage the material of the drainpipe. One of the reasons why we do not recommend employing chemical drain cleaners.


It’s not mist that runs along the floor. FOG is an abbreviation for fats, oils and grease. These cooking and baking byproducts can be liquid when they are hot however they become solid when they become cool. As people frequently FOG into kitchen drains and garbage disposals, a layer of is formed that’s difficult to clean. In addition to the fact that FOG slow down drains as it causes unpleasant odors and could cause drain insects.


The biggest adversary of the tub or the shower drain! Hair clumps that are large and are able to trap other things inside the drains. This can build into a large snarl which requires a skilled plumber to eliminate. One of the best ways to prevent problems with hair in drains is to install drain covers or drain strainers on bathrooms and shower drains. It is necessary to regularly clean the drains, but it will be able to avoid lots of problems later on.

Wet towelettes

Don’t flush your towelettes in the toilet. It doesn’t matter if “flushable” is printed on the label. A smaller number of items will clog the plumbing more quickly, even the sewer line itself becoming stuck together, and then turning into an emulsified body.

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