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What are the Benefits of Trenchless Technology

A few plumbing problems that arise in the home can be as dangerous as a leak, or obstruction in the main water or sewer line. These pipes allow potable water into Greenwood and Indianapolis. Civic system and eliminate the wastewater in your home by drains. They are usually beneath the ground, giving an element of protection against the elements. However, this makes them difficult to reach should they cause the leak or cause the formation of a blockage.

For a while in the past, the task of fixing issues with these pipes required a amount of effort and time such as renting equipment for construction and hiring additional hands to dig up the pipe, and put it back in its place after the repair was completed. Once the repair was finished, homeowners had be able to cover landscaping costs in order to fix the lawn as well as other areas of their garden that were affected.

It all ended but not before the introduction of trenchless technology. It allows repairs of sewer lines and other hard to reach plumbing components to be completed with a fraction of the duration and at a less expensive price to boot. Let’s look at the way it works.


The most difficult thing about sewer lines, as well as other underground pipes is figuring out the issue accurately. The pipe had to be uncovered pipeline completely to have an understanding of what the problem was. It was costly at the start.

Nowadays, we can have an improved method to look into the issue. There are video cameras that have a smaller size than the fingernail of your hand – and you probably are using one of these cameras in your phone and , when paired with an illumination source, they allow the technician run the camera through the pipe in order to take an excellent view of the cause. This provides a remarkable level of accuracy in diagnosing: it allows the technician to determine both the root of the problem as well as how much damage has occurred. Since it does not require digging , or requiring additional labor the procedure can be carried out efficiently and cheaply.


A precise diagnoses is one thing however how do actual repairs be made without digging the pipe? In most cases it’s either cracks in the pipe or something that’s clogging in the pipe. For the latter, it be addressed sealing the pipe with inflatable seals or epoxy that is delivered similarly. Other devices and snakes can be utilized to clear obstructions.

In the event that digging is needed, trenchless tech can help as well. Two tiny holes are made on the opposite side of the issue, and appropriate corrective measures could be drilled and inserted in place. After that it’s time to dig the holes. This is, again, only less amount of time and money needed to dig the pipe. Your landscape is preserved and that you won’t have to employ an expert landscaper to fix the damages.

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