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The 5 Things Obstructing Your Drains

The water in the tub or sink or shower isn’t flowing down the drain or it isn’t going into the drain as fast. There’s a blockage in the drainpipe. But what?

There are a variety of possibilities to be left in a drain that is blocked, that’s why there’s not a single answer to use at home to resolve this issue. The plunger is able to clear an easy clog. Hand-cranked drain snakes can be a great help to others. Chemical drain cleaners — aren’t good for anything , except for damaging pipes. So, don’t employ them. If you’re not sure of what’s blocking your drain, and are unable to clear it using basic methods, it’s the right time to call a plumber from Midwest Plumbing. We will determine the root of the problem and open your drain to be able to drain again in the shortest amount of time.

However, let’s go back to the beginning of the discussion which is causing the blockage? Below are five possible causes.

ONE: Hair tangles

It’s the bane of shower drains as it’s hard. It’s where many commit the fatal error of trying to apply the chemical drain cleaner available at the grocery store to clean the drain. But nothing is happening, since these acidic chemicals won’t cut through the thick hair that has clot. It’s recommended for all homeowners to have specific drain covers to protect the bathtub and shower drains to prevent the most hair possible from flowing down them. When hair becomes blocked and blocks an drain, it generally requires plumbers equipped with augers for drains that are mechanical to solve the issue.

TWO Two: Soap and scum

It’s a challenge to get soap scum out of the shower drains for tubs. Also, it’s difficult to eliminate soap scum. A reaction using chemical drain cleaners may cause an acidic environment around the drainpipes. Hydrojetting could help unblock soap scum and advise regular cleaning of drains annually to avoid accumulation from returning.

Three: Oils, fats and grease

Together, referred to in the collective name of FOG These are the main enemies to the drains in your kitchen. It’s simple to misunderstand FOG as being safe in hot temperatures, since it’s in liquid form. However, once it cools it transforms into an oily substance which will grow on the walls of drainpipes and eventually block the drain. Hydro-jetting is the most effective method to remove FOG. Chemical drain cleaning products are nearly unusable against FOG.

Four: Limescale from hardwater

If you live in a house with hard water, minerals (limescale) on the drainpipe’s walls can build up over time until small items may block drains. Hydro-jetting can be effective in removing the scale. However, if it remains in place over a long period, the pipes could have to be replaced. It is also recommended to have an installation of a water softener for the home in order to avoid problems with hard water.

FIVE: Sewer line troubles

It’s a serious issue which is more serious than clearing the drain. If you find that more than one drain is in a clog at the same and you need to call our plumbers as soon as possible to check if you’ve got blocked pipe (such the roots infiltration) or a damaged sewer line.

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