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The Benefits of Drain Cleaning Get the Year off to a Correctly!

We’re here to assist! Here’s how to bring your family’s plumbing more in good shape that it has been in the past to 2021. You can do it by making a call to the Midwest Plumbing and making an appointment with us to have drain cleaning in Indianapolis, IN.

“But I don’t have a blockage in my drainage!”

The truth is that drain cleaning is one of the services that people contact us for whenever they have an inconveniently blocked drain in the house, and nothing of digging and elbow grease is able to be able to clear it. Our experts can unblock a blocked bathroom drainage, shower drain or toilet with our equipment. We are thorough and ensure that any clogs removed will not return after a week, which is what often happens when people try to clear the drains by using store-bought chemical cleaners. (Don’t apply these chemicals! This will be discussed in an instant …)

Drain cleaning is an effective preventive method, it’s not only a reactive service. There is a way to schedule the cleaning of your drains throughout your home which will maintain your plumbing systems in good state of repair. There is no way to view the interior of the drains in your home, therefore you don’t know the amount of “gunk” will accumulate within them as time passes. As an example:

  • Shower drains can become clogged with hair. This is one of the hardest objects to get rid of. Also, soap scum can be a problem and can not just block a drain but could trigger chemical reactions which result in corrosion.
  • The drains of bathrooms are prone to soap scum and other problems along with residues caused by toothpaste.
  • Sink drains in the kitchen are typically filled by organic buildup of oils, fats and even grease. However careful you are with what is poured to the sink in your kitchen it is impossible to stop any organic material from going through it.

Professional drain cleaning is intended to get rid of all that build-up of clogs from the drainpipe. Our plumbers aren’t content to do one quick plunge or rooter to the drains. We also go through the insides to bring the pipes back into “like new” good working order.

It’s not just that your plumbing will experience less obstructions in the next year (IN in fact, you’ll likely encounter no issues once the year is over) Additionally, your plumbing system will be more secure from corrosion and leaks, as well as high water pressure and general wear and tear. This is a huge win all around to your plumbing.

“But can’t I just pour chemical drain cleaners down–“

Nope! Do not do it. Like we said it’s not just that these chemical drain cleaners ineffective and often allow clogs to be re-created and harm pipes due to their acidic content. They have the opposite effect that you would get from professionals who do the drain cleaning. Additionally, these chemicals are extremely toxic and could cause harm to your eyes and skin and produce hazardous gasses.

Get your drain cleaned in the right way: phone our team! We’ll make sure you’ve got the plumbing system in place for the year ahead.

You can trust Midwest Plumbing for your plumbing demands In Indianapolis and all the areas around it.