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How to Clean Hair Out of a Drain

Hair that is dripping down your drain could cause all sorts of issues, including slowing down the flow and clogging it totally. If you want to keep your drain running correctly, you’ll need to tear the hair out either by pulling it out manually.

Hair tends to be the primary cause of the problem when your shower bathtub , or sink isn’t draining effectively. The best way to tackle the issue head on, and when you first notice the issue, attempt one strategies to get the issue.

Home Remedies

This solution for hair-clogged drain consists of baking soda, vinegar as well as grease-fighting dish soap. The first step is to put some detergent down the drain. After that, you’ll need to pour one cup of baking soda in the drain and make sure that it gets to the drain. After this, put a cup of vinegar into the drain. The vinegar should create a bubbling noise in the drainage.

Once the fizzing has stopped after five minutes, then boil some water. Slowly pour the hot water through the drain. Baking soda and vinegar will help disintegrate the hair that is in the drain. Meanwhile, the hot water dissolves it. In the aftermath of all this it is possible to try squeezing into the downpipe. If you have a clog that is persistent then you might have repeat the process many times.


Although a plunge into the drain may be effective, taking it out by hand can perform a more efficient job of getting hair. You’ll need the right equipment. A screwdriver, two needle-nose pliers along with some rubber gloves will suffice. The first step is to remove the drain stopper. It could pop off. Use the time to wash the drain while it’s gone. If you’ve found a clear opening, make use of your flashlight to locate hair and then make use of the pliers for pulling it from the drain. After you’ve removed the hair use hot water to ensure that the drain is draining properly before you put the stopper back.

Zip-it Tool

Zip-it tools are the name of a flexible, long stick that has barbs attached to it so that you can clear the drainages of hair. For use, place it inside the drain and then work it through. After you have pulled it out from the drain, the barbs will catch hair or debris in the drain. After you have cleaned the blockage out, rinse it with hot water just to be sure that your drain is clean.

Take the drain out

The best way to reach the root of a blocked drain is to pull out all the drains and wash it up. This is how to go about accomplishing this, with the flat-head screwdriver as well as the wrench and locking needle-nose pliers. normal pliers, as well as gloves.

  • Unscrew the stopper.
  • Utilizing the wrench, insert it into the drain and then turn clockwise until it is unloose.
  • If it gets loose, then remove the wrench and replace it with needle-nose pliers.
  • The pliers will be locked in place by clamping them onto the “X” crossbar on the drain.
  • Get the needle-nose pliers by using either the wrench or regular pliers to the lowest point feasible, then turn clockwise.
  • After the drain has become sufficiently loose you can turn the needle nose levers until the drain drains out.

After removing the drain, clean the drain using an empty sink or bucket. Be sure to remove any dirt or hair. If you are required to change the drain, ensure that you take it to the hardware shop to get the replacement.

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If you’re trying to unclog the drain of hair, but you’re not getting results, you may need to contact a professional. Sometimes, the clogs may also be a sign of a deeper or larger plumbing problem, like the blockage of your sewer line. If you want a reliable service for drain cleaning that you can count on, the company to be sure of is Midwest Plumbing. Make an appointment now at one of our locations.